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The 3S6P is a gathering place for true slope sleds and the manly pilots who fly them.
Here we see Brian Courtice launch David Jensen's California sloper (a John Higgins design), then enlisting the help of Vic Trucco to launch the Ultron, his own wingeron design.
Some rare slopers: center left is the Winchdoc's Rotor pitcheron, a 15-year-old Ken Stuhr design still performing today. The Doc added a flip-up canopy to slow the plane for landing.
Center right are Brian Courtice's Ultron wingerons. The one with the goofy checkered fin is the prototype, and gladly, that fin is not needed after all.
Finally, the bottom row shows a classic John Higgins Rodent, and an all-molded european look-alike, called Rudi. The manufacturer of the Rudi lives in a town near my home in Germany, and speaking with him about the Rudi two years ago, he maintained that the Rudi was not patterened after the Rodent... right...
shredair home event photo album
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