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eagle butte below

Due to weather, Eagle Butte provided the sole venue.
"los mojados" flying
under the rain

Thanks to Pat Maher's indomitable enthusiam and optimism and his non-stop "wind dance," a handful of slope-heads and Marcela were treated to some usable slope lift on Saturday about 7:30 PM. Because we also got rained on, Marcela dubbed us "los mojados," the wet ones, which is a term applied to Mexicans swimming across the Rio Grande to Texas. Los mojados left to right are: Frank Slaughter, Sidney Healey, Pat Maher, Dieter Mahlein, and Thomas Rauber.
pilatus lunak ls-3
mu-13 scale gliders

Sunday morning, there actually was some lift...
launching and landing
radio control gliders

...and quite a few scale planes flew...
large scale gliders
at eagle butte

...including (in no particular order) Pilatus B4, LS-3, Mü-13 Bergfalke, Fox, DG, Lunak, and Discus.
mojo tempest carbon raider
american performance planes
US-made performance planes: a classic Carbon Raider, the Mojo, and a DS-Tempest.
all type of
slope planes flew

Then the lift started cycling and became light again.
kiona butte view
ShredAir, Inc.
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