3s6p slope event
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hand and discus
launch gliders gliders

No-wind Sunday..."always bring a hand-launch glider to a slope event..."
quite a variety
of RC planes

So, out came electrics and floaters. Shown here (clockwise from upper left) is a Riva Models Just, a home-built floater, a Surprise 10, a "gas"-powered Stryker, and the Winchdoc teaching his son Slope'n 501 with a racey-looking sloper.
sbxc electric convertion
stork electirc and stratos eletric
launching and gliding
the sbxc electric

Electric-powered gliders are a poor substitute for pure slope gliders, but what can you do..? Photos are of a SBXC converted to electric and a Stratos and Stork electric.

Tom seitz fox
2004 3s6p participants

Despite the lack of lift, 36 registered pilots brought great planes, attitudes, and enjoyment.
to all Co-conspirators Jay Decker of the Mid-Columbia Soarers and Dieter Mahlein of ShredAir pose with a bottle of appropriatly named Arrogant Bastard Ale. Thanks for coming!
We will have better lift next year.
thank you!
ShredAir, Inc.
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