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Aerial Photography Service

We use slow-flying, radio-controlled model airplanes, which are powered by quiet electric motors and glide unpowered while photographing. The slow air speed and almost noiseless flight allow us to circle as long and often as necessary to take pictures from all angles. The unobtrusive and quiet operation of our aircraft is ideal to photograph outdoor events.

Our specialty is oblique, low-altitude, close-in photography which cannot be obtained from full-size aircraft. Our specialized model airplanes and piloting experience allow us to fly precisely also in confined air space and thus take photographs, which otherwise are difficult or impossible to obtain.

Our digital photos are taken at a very high resolution (7 mega pixels), which allows the zooming in on details of any photo with high-quality, printable results.

Upon request, we gladly visit with you for a viewing of our printed portfolio. ShredAir is a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics and the Remote Control Aerial Photography Association. These organizations provide assistance, information, safety guidelines, and insurance.

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