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High-Resolution Digital or Print Options

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A basic set-up, safety check, and one 1/2-hour flight allowing easy take-off and landing costs $150. Such a flight yields dozens of photographs.

A travel fee applies for outside the immediate Eugene/Springfield area. Fees vary with task and terrain.

Beyond this, we will tailor our service to best fill your need; a fee may apply to some of these services.

For example, we can deliver the photos to you in various ways:
direct download at your site house sample
upload to a website where you view and choose images
e-mail images
deliver a photo CD to you
print images
Likewise, we can prepare photos to be ready for:
uploading to a website
printing on high-quality media
Finally, we can perform photo editing tasks for you:
basic: leveling, sizing, and cropping
intermediate: color balance, brightness, and contrast
advanced: retouching and modifying, unwanted object removal, etc.

Please contact us to discuss your particular situation (see footer for contact information).
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