Sep 21 - 22, 2002 aspach 2002 Organized by:
Modellfliegergemeinschaft Aspach e.V
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vintage plane
This is one of the"oldest" planes present in Aspach
A Tigermoth
bücker jungmann
A Bücker Jungmann
racing plane
A racing plane from the '30s
bücker jungmeister
A Bücker Jungmeister
3rd reich cargo plane
Some early 3rd Reich cargo plane
junkers 52
A "grosse" Junkers 52
british canard plane
This apparently is a British canard plane
An electric-powered Horten with 10-meter (33-foot) span
horten wing
Horten root rib; Marcela provides scale
arado wwii jet
An Arado (I believe) WWII jet concept...
wood fan
...with home-built, wooden, 6-bladed fan
wwii jet rear view
A Messerschmidt Me-262 on final, and...
me 262-landing
...touch down
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