Sep 21 - 22, 2002 aspach 2002 Organized by:
Modellfliegergemeinschaft Aspach e.V
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raphaele raphaele taking off
This is the famous 58-cell Raphaele
airbus 4 fans
Quad-fan Airbus or Boeing study?
blade w/schübeler fans
The Blade, a home-brew using twin Schübeler fans
guppy, cargo jet
Anything flies in Aspach...
das moorhuhn
Das Moorhuhn, a fun bird
A flying EDF fish; flops scale-like on landing
triple rotor
Triple rotor praying mantis type thing
delta wing
A delta with a Schübeler's Vector Pro nacelle; why...?
push prop glider
Extended drive shaft pusher. Why? Because we can...
extended shaft pusher
Another extended drive shaft pusher. Beats flying a Zagi...
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