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greatExcellent will be steady north wind at 20 mph and overcast sky. Dynamic soaring will be outstanding under those conditions; powerful, but not destructive.
okOK will be south wind at 20 mph or higher. In this case, we only can do radar-measured speed runs, because DSing over the light house road on the north side will not be allowed during the event.
bad@#&%*!! will be conditions such as no wind, east wind, west wind, rain, fog, etc.
It will stop the event.

Web sites to keep in mind:
Weather Underground: North Bend, Oregon Forecast
schedule This schedule serves as a guideline only; we may change it depending on demand or weather.
Friday, April 19 - DS competition
before 11AM: open flying;
no frequency control

9AM - 10AM: registration

10AM - 11AM: pilots' meeting and discussion of safety, etc

11AM-5PM: timed flying;
frequency control in effect

after 5PM: open flying and DS Clinic; frequency self-control
Saturday, April 20 - DS competition
8:30AM: pilots' meeting

9AM-5PM: timed flying;
frequency control in effect

after 5PM: open flying and DS Clinic;
frequency self-control
Sunday, April 21 - Free-Style DS Show
8:30AM: registration and meeting

9AM -12PM: Free-style show;
frequency control in effect

12PM -1PM: Awards, raffle

1PM- dark: open flying and DS Clinic;
frequency self-control

 plane classes Only airplanes with wood-sheeted wings and those made from composite materials will be allowed in the DS competition.
There are 3 basic classes of airplanes:

up to 60 inches span over 60 to 100 inches span open

 contest categories Friday 19, Saturday 20 —DS Competition
The competition purpose is top performance as in highest speed. There will be two basic categories:

fastest 10 circles —in any plane class fastest recorded speed—in each of the three plane classes

Speed will be measured using at least two radar guns and recorded separately for each of the 3 classes.
Competitors will fly as many rounds in each class as time allows to give everybody as many chances as possible.
A maximum 1-minute climb-out is allowed before entering the DS course.
There will be no pylons. Instead every pilot has to find the fastest line and decide what size circles to fly.
Each competitor is allowed one helper.
$400 cash price for the fastest 10 circles
$400 cash price for the fastest speed in each of the three classes
Only speeds recorded during complete 10-circle runs are valid.
No competitor can win more than one cash price.
Example 1: Pilot A enters a 60-inch and an unlimited plane. He flies both planes at various times throughout the event, and by the end of the competition posts the fastest time in both classes. He wins the $400 in whichever class he FIRST posted the fastest recorded speed. The second fastest pilot in the other class then gets the other $400.
Example 2: Pilot B wins the fastest 10 circles and posts the fastest recorded speed in one or more classes. He gets $400 for the 10 circles only and the second fastest pilot(s) in the class(es) for which pilot B posted the highest speed get(s) the purse.
ok In case of south wind, we will measure only front-side, single-direction speeds.
The fastest four will win the cash purses.
Details to be explained at the pilots meeting.
Official, timed flying will end at or before 5PM on Saturday.

free-style DS show Sunday, April 21—Free-Style DS Show
The Show should be a feast for spectators.
All type of airplanes are welcome in this part of the Fest.
Participants will show off their DS skills by including outside moves, rolls, etc.
Participants are allowed up to 5 minutes per demo flight.
At least one 15-minute window for group DS (combat, race, balloon popping) will be allowed.
Every show participant wins a small gift basket of Oregon goodies, and everyone will be a winner here.

safety Safety procedures include:
A no-fly zone (NFZ). This zone will be obvious (parking lot and adjacent slope) once you see the site, and it can and will be strictly enforced. During any one round, the first violation of the NFZ will get you a clear warning, and the second violation will result in a zero-round and immediate fly-out to the landing zone. Any pilot racking up three zero-rounds due to NFZ violations will be disqualified.
Only one helper is allowed with the competitor.
Only one competitor, one helper, and speed officials are allowed in the flyimg zone at one time.
Competitors' frequencies will be kept clear during competition. We assign flight sequence.

registration People who wish to compete need to register on line.
Please send us a message with your name, channel numbers, and plane classes.
Do not send money. We will collect the fee onsite.
Cost: $25.00. Includes T-shirt.

accomodations Cape Blanco is located 5 miles west of US 101 about 50 miles south of Coos Bay, Oregon. Nearby commercial airports are North Bend (55 miles north), Eugene (165 miles north-east), and Medford (150 miles south-east).
On site Cape Blanco State Park with beautiful camp sites and a few cabins (less than a mile from the slopes).
9 miles south Port Orford has a few restaurants and motels to offer, and in recent years, a coffee cart has been a life saver for many spending the night in town.
10 miles north Floras Lake House by the Sea, Bed and Breakfast.
25 miles north Bandon is a historic fishing town where visitors can browse through abundant shops and eat at many fine restaurants.
pilots and plnes launching tracking DSing
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