logo shredair eagle butte spring 2008
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On the left is one of Sam's moldies, not sure which one...
molded planealias by higgins
...but the one on the right is a classic Higgins Alias slope sled dolled up and flown by Matt.
srtllanding zone
What can I say, the SRTL is an awesome plane.
srtl on final
Thomas Rauber has 3 SRTLs by now. I can't seem to keep up with the Raubers...
The Big Ceres about to be maidened. This is the heavy-duty slope version, no sissy tow-hook.
ceres cruisinghigher
"Feeling" the Big Ceres around the slope; it was still a little nose-heavy, and...
...removing 1 oz nose weight dialed it in with CG only 5 mm behind rear-most recommended.
rudilaunching the Rudi
Not a Rodent, but a Rudi. Matt launching for Thomas.
My 3x-carbon Cappuccino is a great all-round slope'n work horse.
shredair home event photo album   Page 1 | 2 | 3 |