logo shredair eagle butte spring 2008
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looking at Kiona
Classic Eagle Butte view. The Horse Heaven Hills and Kiona are in the background.
badger valley
This view down Badger Valley has changed little over the years....
launching the tomahawk
...but closer to town, houses are popping out of the pasture like mushrooms.
flying high
Few of the new home owners are aware of the world-class slope'n site at their door step.
fox on final
Fox on final, and new housing going up that way as well.
But so far, the lift and landing zones at Eagle Butte remain pristine.
cold April
If only it had been 20 degrees warmer.
flying the blade
Wild flowers freezing their buds off, while Matt flies his 2-meter Blade.
shredair home event photo album   Page 1 | 2 | 3 |