June 9-10 , 2001

Organized by:
S&E Modeler Magazine

launch pilot
Gene Cope flew his completely scratch-built 1/3-scale "Russia" glider in strong wind at Eagle Butte. Gene's wife built the pilot. The scale-sewn hat blew off once when Gene failed to close the canopy, which he opens by sliding the vent window and actuating the scale canopy release. The "Russia" won in the "modern" category.
Russia servo linkage
eric Eric Swenson breathed new life into the 1/4-scale Fox scratch-built by Jim Thurmond 6 years ago. Eric tuned up the model and flew it convincingly. The model's wing uses Quabeck airfoils with built-in aerodynamic wash-out.
Neal Capener still flies his venerable L-33. I used to have to launch this plane when it had a heavy electric drive system in it. To my delight, Neal has put the plane on a rigorous weight-loss program by turning it back into a pure glider.
Whiskey Bravo (= Wil Byers) brought his 1/3-scale ASH-26 made by Reinhard Schüler in Germany. Schüler's patented construction of fully molded planes is extremely strong with very hard surfaces and yields absolutely superb airplanes.
launch2 launch3 launch4
Wil always looks for a victim to launch this 28-pound beauty, and this time, it was my turn, because I could not hide quickly enough... :o) The plane, of course, flies like it looks...
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