June 9-10 , 2001
eagle butte scale fun fly 2001

Organized by:
S&E Modeler Magazine

blohm & voss Bruce Ryan showed up with some unbelievable contraptions which are models of concept jets drawn up by the German firm Blohm & Voss at the end of World War II. They never got off the drawing board, but expert pilot Bruce's flying of the models would have brought smiles on Blohm & Voss' faces, had they been able to see him roll and loop these planes.
blohm & voss
ww-II dornier dornier
Trust Ken Stuhr to bring fast, unusual airplanes to the slope. His late-WW-II Dornier jet concept ripped through Eagle Butte's lift as if the jets were functioning (hmm, maybe they were...). Ken won "best PSS" with the Dornier by the slimmest of margins, and graciously handed the trophy to 2nd-place Bruce Ryan for daring to built and fly the Blohm & Voss planes.
dornier ken
ole Ole Scotvold raced around with his Slope Scale Spitfire. Ole's plane is built very light and is therefore nimble, but it had no problems facing the rigors of Eagle Butte slope'n. There is a link below and on our links page to Brian Laird of Slope Scale who offers high-performance kits for serious slope heads and PSS addicts.
Waid Reynolds saw the light, abandoned a thermal duration contest in nearby Euphrata, and came over to fly his venerable BAE Hawk. Designed and once kitted by Doug Buchanan of Seattle, the Hawk combines excellent slope-worthyness with unbelievably docile flight behavior. Unfortunately, no kits are available at this time.
hawk hawk wayne
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