June 9-10 , 2001
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This page contains a few slope and sport planes. We include them here because of their superb quality and exceptional performance. Most folks have never seen or heard of these planes. Sorely missing here are Ken Kelley's Scar due to a broken, not-field-repairable elevator linkage. Ken flies the Scar as if it were a 60" racer, even when ballasted to 11 pounds. And then there once was a plane called the GP Ultra. I've never owned one, but I wish I did. If you know of one that's available and in reasonable shape, please do contact us.
inverted mach-1
Seen here is the Mach-1 by Joe Cormier. Hands-down, this is the best wingeron I have ever flown. The carbon-over-foam wings are precisely bagged and extremely light and strong with a very thin airfoil. This plane flies in light lift and even thermals, but it really gets moving in decent slope lift. The Mach comes as a pre-painted ARF with all hardware installed already. This model makes imported 60" composite planes look like the chaff most (not all) of them are. But the best thing is: the Mach-1 is available! E-mail Joe at joecormier@integrity.com.
shrike shrike
This little beauty is called a Shrike. Designed and built by Harris Nelson, this is one of the last ones flying. Sadly, this plane has been out of production for about two years now. The Shrike is a pitcheron which flies as good as it looks. Like the Mach above, this model is the final product of years of fine-tuning on the slope, mostly at Torrey Pines. If you're lucky enough to own one, cherish and enjoy it while it lasts.
This is my Me-109 by Slope Scale; jaw-dropping, eye-popping performance. I was lucky: Brian Laird himself built this one for me, because I had the right "payment" to offer. Kits are available. Check out Brian's entire line at http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/slope_scale
Ken Stuhr definitely has his ways. As unusual as his planes look, as unusually well and fast they fly. And they have unusual names: this one he calls "Gusset"(he also brought his Super Baby Turkey-2). Amongst slope veterans, Ken is famous for the planes he used to kit: the Rotor, V-Max, Xica, and others. Ken and his friend Bruce Ryan have an uncanny ability to pick out an unusual and unproven design and make it perform better than most "normal" planes. gusset

The two Stratos planes are included here, because we sell them and because their performance -- if not their rarity -- earns them a place on this page.

Eric Swenson's electric-powered SL makes a mockery of the sentiment that a good thermal plane has to weigh less than 70 ounces. Eric's weighs almost twice that, and the irreverent dives, aerobatics, and stupid slope tricks (SST) he performs with his poor SLe are testament as to just how strong the Stratos SL is built.


Speaking of strong, with his Scar temporarily disabled, I loaned my brand-new, barely test-flown Stratos SR slope racer to 16-year old Ken Kelley, who immediately proceeded to check if it's any good. It passed his tests easily, even the one when he failed to rip out sage brush with a wing tip.

The SR has 10" less span than the SL and weighs about 10 ounces more, all of which make the plane even stronger: solid carbon fuselage, solid carbon D-tube, reinforced V-tail. The SR combines proven design with modern upgrades to make it a first-class slope racer. Watch for it at the F3F team trials and at next year's Viking Race.

stratos sr
stratos sr
touch and go
awards On the left are this year's winners: Roc Cox, Vintage;
Gene Cope, Modern; and Bruce Ryan, PSS.

Eagle Butte can provide world-class slope lift, particularly in June. This year, we lucked out and were treated to non-stop, 24/7 lift. We hope it will be as good next year and to see y'all there.

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