shredair slope'n the colombian Andean
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Here you are, sitting in a beer garden enjoying great Colombian barbeque, locally brewed Pilsener, and a view to die for. At the other side of your table a large, green meadow slants away at a shallow angle for about 300 feet, before the terrain drops steeply 2000 feet into the valley below. A wind sock at the lip indicates when there is lift on the face.
Want to go fly? Don't get up, just launch your plane out over the meadow and rip it up to your heart's content. When you're done, simply land in the meadow in front of you.
But darn, the plane landed 50 feet away! Don't get up, because a local boy is already retrieving your plane for you. You give him some pesos and ask him to fetch another Pilsener at the bar…
Nope, this ain't paradise, it's just San Felix northwest of Medellin, Colombia. The launch and landing area is the back yard of a restaurant/beer garden overlooking the Medellin River valley 2000 feet below.
Enjoy the photos.