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The first time I got to visit Colombia was in 2004. Even though we stayed near the capital Bogota, Marcela and I glimpsed many good looking slope sites. So, we managed to connect with a few pilots, looked at a few sites, and it was clear: next time, I'm bringing a plane.
Next time was January 2005. We arranged to visit slope sites near Bogota and Medellin. For me, this was a most enjoyable trip, and I'm grateful for the hospitality of our hosts: Roberto, Paul, Ricardo, Diego, and Santiago guided us around the Bogota area. In Medellin, Jorge Puello and his family welcomed us into their house, where we stayed for a week. Thanks you my friends, you made this possible...
We brought along the Mach-1 wingeron "Pumkin" because of its easy transportability. In hindsight, this 60" plane was a poor choice. Slopes around Bogota are at around 10,000 feet elevation, those around Medellin are about 7,800 feet, and the fast, thin, low-camber airfoil of the Mach just isn't all that happy in thin air. Also, the complete lack of any kind of spoilers or flaps made landing this plane adventurous in some areas. But we managed to have several memorable flights and bring home loads of fond memories.
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