shredair slope'n the colombian Andean
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Next we went to Santa Fe de Antioquia, a quaint town on the Cauca River. The slope was a short drive away at the village of Sucre. Finally a low-elevation site for my Mach, I thought; little did I know it was going to be 100+ degrees hot down there…
Most of the pilots I met suffer from a rare condition: they're better than they think they are. Only on one slope we visited was a "normal" approach possible for landing; everywhere else, particularly in Medellin and Sucre, landing safely required advanced skills.
I didn't see a single EPP wing, and I asked these guys if they know of this material. They said, sure we do, we have EPP wings. When I asked them why they weren't flying them given the somewhat difficult landing zones, they said (and I am NOT making this up): "We notice our skills diminishing when we fly them."