Matasanos Slope-Flying Site

According to Marcela, matasanos means "kills the healthy ones." Maybe it's named for people failing to negotiate the many hair-pin turns in the road leading to it?

At over 10,000 feet, Matasanos is the highest site we visited. It's atop the first pass north of Medellín on the road to Cartagena at the Caribbean Coast. The LZ is a nice meadow next to the road, and we launch from it's edge out over the valley. When we got there, it was calm...





Juan Cojo
When there is no wind, Jorge simply throws harder. How does he know he will find lift for his Tayrona?
If Jorge's little squirt stays up, certainly the big Stork will too? Another reminder: this is 10,000+ feet and January...
Down in the valley, probably about 3000 feet below, is the town Barbosa.
Jorge, Dieter, Andrés, and Carlos looking for lift, and... it is! These columns of circling "chulos" (vultures) made finding lift easier than ever.
Carlos about to launch his Spyder, which is a great plane for these conditions; also packs small for transport by taxi.
Carlos really liked this T-shirt, so I gave it to him. It's one of very few in existence.
Paragliders like Matasanos as a launch site, and check out the long scenic flight down to the valley.
Oops, Carlos failed to find the chulos, but the grassy slope allows a safe out-landing and easy retrieval.
The Stork on final, while spectators watch. The Matasanos road is just beyond the fence.
Andrés contemplating to launch the Discus as clouds start to envelope the pass.
Posing for the camera. By now, visibility was near zero. Time to negotiate the hair-pin turns on our way home.