Flying RC Gliders at Sopó

Sopó is a small town less than 20 miles from Bogotá by "Autopista Norte."No hiking required here: to get to the site, just drive to a restaurant at the top of a 9500-foot mountain.

The restaurant's back yard, facing the main wind direction, is a large slanting meadow before the terrain drops off sharply to the valley several thousand feet below.

The easy access and the pleasant restaurant with a tremendous view make this an outstanding slope destination for the whole family. It's best to visit the Sopó slope on week days or when it's too windy for paragliding.





Juan Cojo
The back road out of Sopó is steep, but paved to the edge of town. The site is somewhere on the ridge in the back ground.
The view from the launch site of the Tominé reservoir in the valley. The clouds over the valley signal good flying conditions.
Paul tossing the Stork over the launching/landing meadow. The slope drops sharply at the tree line.
The slope wraps around to the south, and I'm testing the air for a landing approach from this direction.
Just a reminder: this is January at about 10,000 feet elevation. At least we're wearing jackets.
Heading south over some old Andean basalt "hills." The lift seems to suffice everywhere for this big molded plane... fact, flying low and far out is no problem. I saw an Andean condor there which seemed bigger than my Stork.
While there is a sneaky rotor just this side of the tree line, landing on the meadow is relatively easy.
The restaurant offers a panoramic view. Notice the roof construction using reeds.
Colombia's beer is good and a lot like a real Pilsener. Miller recently bought the main brewery; let's hope they don't mess with the beer recipes.
When the conditions are right, the paragliders show up...
...and tend to dominate the slope. I found it unwise to keep flying under these conditions.