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Photos courtesy of Jon Baker, Paul Naton, and Bernie Wolfard.
l 16 aeronca
Grant Lord brought this L-16 Aeronca. Power is from an Astro 60 brushed motor with 3.27:1 Astro gear box swinging a 20x12 propeller on 36 cells.
piper pa 11
Bob Benjamin drew his own plans and built this 54-inch Piper PA-11, which he powers with a 10-cell Astro 020 brushless motor, a 3.27:1 Astro gearbox, and a self-modified 9x6 propeller.
klemm l 25
Built from an original Krick kit, this plane is powered by an Aveox 1406-4Y with 3.7:1 planetary gearbox on 14 x CP1700 cells. APC 16-10. Separate receiver battery. Originally built with a 4-stroke glow motor and rescued by Jerry Holcomb.
Jerry Holcomb's 8-foot model of a Yugoslavian WW-II trainer weighs only 12 pounds, yet is powered by 40 3000-mAh cells and an Astro 90 brushed motor with gearbox and 22x16 prop. Jerry normally flies this plane on floats.
geebee r2
This little GeeBee is a Fantastic Models parkflyer made from styrofoam. John Sherwood did an excellent job finishing and flying the 10-oz model. It's swinging an 11x8 prop.
comet sparky
Fred Guilfoyle scratch-built this 6-foot Sparky, a classic "goofer-arounder-wither" which only weighs 43 oz and flies and floats around on just 7 cells and an Astro 05 brushed motor.
senior super cadet
Another 12-lb plane is Terry McGill's Kadet powered by a 20-cell Aveox system. This model sports very effective flaps.
Art Newland's big 7-foot Spacewalker uses a Tom Cimato MaxCim brushless system with 5:1 gearbox, 24 Panasonic 3000 mAh NiMHs, and a Zinger 16" propeller.
Another little plane with big looks is Fred Guilfoyle's Tigermoth parkflyer, which is similar in construction to the GeeBee above. These little planes fly good due to their light weight and undercambered airfoils.
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