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Photos courtesy of Jon Baker, Paul Naton, and Bernie Wolfard.
Jon Baker uses a geared Hacker motor and a Thunderpower 5S4P Lithium-Polymer pack in this Great Planes Venus 40 pattern plane. Flies convincingly with a 15x10 prop.
logo 10
Grant Lord's Logo 10 runs on 12 cells and Kontronic and Schulze drive train. Grant's hopped up his heli with carbon fiber rotor blades.
I remember this Neal Capener-built B-17 when Neal was just going to bungee it off the slope at Eagle Butte and see if it survives. Gladly, Jerry Holcomb snatched it up first, and he has tricked it out with 4 complete MEC drive trains, Ramoser 12-inch Vario-Prop 3-bladed props, and many scale details. Plane weighs 18 lbs with 40 Panasonic 3000 NiMHs.
flying quaker
FredGuilfoyle's Flying Quaker sports the perfect "engine:" no noise, no vibration, no stink and slime; and inflatable balloon tires! Fred flies this plane on a MEC Turbo-10 motor with 6:1 gearbox, 12x8 prop, and 10 cells.
ariane v 11 avionik
F5B Action! -- Lenny Keer and Don Pesznecker flew their sensorlessly overpowered gliders together at the same time.These planes are powered with up to 24 cells and systems producing about 3 horse power (over 2000 Watts). Acceleration is the name of the game in F5B, and these planes reach 150 mph in about 3 seconds.
Bob Benjamin's 1/4-scale 1941 Taylorcraft has competed in many scale events. It was the first ever electric plane to be invited to the Tournament of Champions event. Power is a geared Astro 90 swinging a 18x12 prop on 36 cells.
With this Reichardt Lambada and varied success, I'm trying to figure out how to fly airplanes with a landing gear, that don't glide worth beans and also can roll around on the ground. Power is a Lehner/Reisenauer 20-cell system swinging a RFM 17x13 carbon propeller.
Now which of these three stooges would design and build an electric-powered auto-gyro?! We won't mention any names, but it is Jerry Holcomb on the left. Can you believe that nut case also flies this 36 oz model on floats?
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