equinox electrics
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Photos courtesy of Jon Baker, Paul Naton, and Bernie Wolfard.
stitts sky baby
The paint was barely dry on this 1/4-scale, 26" span (that's right, the full-size one has only 104" span) Stitts Sky Baby, built by Jeff Gehman from a Clancy Aviation kit. Jeff flew this little white glob very well on a geared, 7-cell Hacker system swinging a 10x7 prop.
b-29 b-29
Perry Fernau's 88" span B-29 redefines silent flight: from 30 feet away, one can just barely hear the four Speed 400 motors swinging Graupner carbon props. Perry built this 8-cell plane exquisitely from foam covered with chrome Ultracoat and Flitemetal.
nimbus & vip
vip avionik
nimbus 4
nimbus 4 takes off

Lenny Keer and his wife Barbara from Colorado brought 5 model airplanes, ranging in size from a 27-inch span VIP to a 22-foot span Nimbus 4, all electric powered. Lenny demonstrated a safe bungee launch not only with the big Nimbus, but also with his 24-cell Avionik F5B competition plane. The Nimbus is powered by 30 cells, and Lenny simply cut off the nose to mount the motor conventionally. If you look close, you can barely see the white-painted prop folded alongside the fuselage on launch.
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