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If there ever was a model designed to hone your reflexes and eye sight, 16-year old Brandon's 4-lb Halo is it… Brandon Vazquez designed, scratch-built, and convincingly flew his Halo. Weighing almost 4 lbs, this 33-inch long model with its 24-inch wing stubs packs a punch: a 5s2p Lipo pack powers a Mega 1625/2 motor spinning a Wemotec Mini-Fan. Brandon also scratch-built the F-35 below. This model is designed for the Schübeler DS51 fan and will be powered by a Lehner motor and an 8S to 11S Lipo pack. We hope to see this model fly in 2006.
halo jet designed by
brandon vasquez
f-35 nose to tail detail
f35 with
schübeler fans
Daniel Schübeler introduced his new 120-mm fan shown here with its 90- and 69-mm cousins in front of Brandon Vazquez' scratch-built F-35 fighter.

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