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Jim Gibson brought a model of the full-size T-33 he rode in 53 years ago, on August 8th, when he was discharged from military service. This is not your box-stock soccer-mom's Kyosho T-33: Jim put a Hacker B40 in there, and this plane moves out! Lance Nordby managed to get this tiny F-16 display model flying on a 1/2-inch diameter Medusa fan and a teeny-weeny brushless motor. He launches it from a scratch-built, hand-held catapult of his own design, and the little 14" jet looks realistic the air.
catapult launch
t33 f16
halo vector
abort take off
Brandon Vazquez bungee-launched his Halo EDF jet. The plane pitched up sharply, but accelerated safely, and flew extremely well. Lenny Keer had fixed an unsprung landing gear to his Schübeler Vector-2 jet. Turns out, the rigid gear and the springy runway surface don't mix, and they turned the Vector into a bucking bronco; unfortunately the plane could not get airborne.

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