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Marshall Palmer of MEC flew this SIG 4-Star 40 on a Hyperion outrunner motor with a MEC Superbox 2:1 gear drive, a convincing combination. Grant Lord's Hangar-9 P-51 Mustang "Miss America" is powered by a 10s Lipo pack and an Actro 40 outrunner swinging a Ramoser 15x5 4-bladed Vario-Prop. Fred Rutan's Airtractor 802 sports a 5-bladed Vario-Prop. This plane is powered by a Park-400 brushless motor with a 6.6:1 Cobra gearbox.
electric aircraft airtractor
4 star 40 p51 mustang
counter rotating props
ryan st reno racer
Lenny Keer brought this Great Planes Ryan S.T.A. originally designed for a 120 glow engine. Lenny installed an Actro 40 and an APC 19x8 prop, and he flies this plane on 30 GP3300 NiMH cells. Jim Hancock self-made a special gearbox/motor combo to drive working counter-rotating props on his "Precious Metal" Reno racer. It's all working flawlessly, as seen in the photo.

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