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Don Pesznecker and Jim Riggle performed 5th-scale aero-tow with a Minimoa and a Germanized Piper cub dubbed "das Cuben." Worked pretty slick with an Axi 4130-20 outrunner swinging a 14x10 prop in the cub.
minimoa piper cub
aerotow flight
combat planes corsair
b17 p51
Jerry Holcomb flew several sorties with his venerable B-17. Dave Frederic and Tim O'Mahony provided air cover with their P-51 and Corsair combat models. Jerry's 103-inch B-17 is powered by 40 cells and 4 MEC Turbo-10 motors with 6:1 gearboxes. The 40-inch combat models use 4s Lipo power and Cobri gearboxes for power.

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