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Meet the Fokkers: Grant Lord and Tim O'Mahony treated us to a formation flight with a "Eindecker" and a D6. Tim's 100-inch Eindecker is built from a SR Batteries kit and powered by a 10s Lipo pack. A Mega brushless motor and an Inner Demon gearbox turn a 24x10 prop. Grant competely scratch-built his D6. It weighs only 7.5 lbs and gets around fine with just a 4s Lipo pack on a Phaser brushless motor, 2.5:1 gearbox and a 20x12 prop.
fookers formation flight
aerona fokker eindecker
fokker d6 rogozarski
In the vintage aircraft department, Bob Benjamin flew his 1937 Aeronca K on a geared Astro-60 brushed motor. This is the first electric-powered model ever to compete in the F4C world championship in 2002. Jerry Holcomb's Yugoslavian trainer Rogozarski SM12-H also is powered by a brushed Astro 60 motor. 40 cells and a 3:1 gear box allow it to swing a 22 x14 prop and perform aerobatics the full-size original could not have survived.

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