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Five decades of model airplane development separate John Lenderman's Lanzo Bomber and Denny Cordero's Spiro. John's Bomber is scratch-built and modified from a stick-and-tissue 1945 kit, and Denny's is a state-of-the-art all-molded composite hotliner. Art Newland's modern Eco-8 helicopter also benefits from decades of development: Dieter Schlüter flew the first RC Helicopter in the late 1960s.
lanzo spiro
bomber molded electric
eco helicopter
3d acrobatic
flying aerobatic
Bud Wilkinson of RCX-Planes manufactures and distributes his own line of 3-D foamies whose thoughtful design and engineering separates them from the usual foam flurries. Likewise, Marshall Palmer of MEC brought this Mono Rail and a curiously new look to the flying field. The 85" Extra 330 IMAC competition plane was flown by David Frederic of E-Flightline Hobby. We thank these vendors/inovators for attending and enhancing our event.

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