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This event is a fun-fly interspersed with airshow-style demonstrations. Airshow pilots will be given the opportunity to fly one-by one in fixed time slots,while an announcer will explain the details of the particular plane and its capabilities over a clear public-announcement system. We're planning two 1-hour airshow windows on Saturday and one on Sunday. Besides the Northwest, we're expecting pilots from other parts of the US and even from Europe to attend.

fieldThe main objectives are: hold an event which is fun and interesting for pilots and spectators alike, and also provide a safe and controlled flying environment for extraordinary airplanes.Scratch-built airplanes will be given priority airshow slots. But planes do not have to be scratch-built to be included. Quality ARFs that show-case electric power, or have interesting attributes, also will have assigned time slot(s). Please do sign up if you have put time and effort into your plane to make it work well.

A normal airshow slot is 5 minutes long take-off to landing. This typically is long enough even for an interested audience to watch a particular plane. However, if the pilot of an aerobatic aircraft wishes to demonstrate a complete aerobatics program, we'll accommodate that of course! Also, with the pilots' request or permission, we will allow a group of alike aircraft to fly together. For example, if we have several war birds or helicopters, it'll be great to see those flying together. Of course, we'll extend the time-slot length for such a demo.

For this year, have secured a lunch caterer offereing a variety of sandwiches and also morning coffee and other goodies.

Vendors are welcome, and there is no vendor fee. You must be self-contained, because we cannot provide tents, tables, or chairs.


The event is at the Fern Prairie Modelers field. They graciously allow us to use their flying field for electrics throughout this event.

field mapThe site is near Washougal in Washington State. The nearest airport is Portland, Oregon, about a half hour's drive from the flying site. There is limited RV space on the site, but no RV facilities are available.

Getting there has changed in that now only right turns are allowed at the intersection of Hwy 14 and 32nd Street.

Going east on Hwy 14, you can still turn south (right) on 32nd Street, then east (left) on Truman to the field.
Going west on Hwy 14, you must now turn north (right) on 32, then west (left) on Addy, then south (left) on 27th, then left on Index, left again at 35th, and right on Truman to the field.

To go home:
Going east, drive out on 32nd and take a right.
Going west, you must back-track on 35th, Index, 27th, and Addy to 32nd in order to be able to turn right onto Hwy 14.

Saturday, September 30
before 9:45 AM Open flying using frequency board.
9:45 AM Pilots' meeting
We establish and announce the flight sequence (based on frequency use) to commence at 10:00 AM.
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM First airshow window.
Airshow pilots line up on two flight lines to assure continuous entertainment.
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM Lunch and open flying using frequency board.
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Second airshow window.
Open flying for the rest of the day.
Sunday, October 1st.
7:00 AM (arrival of the dawn-patrol posse) Open flying all day with one airshow window 10:30 AM to 11:30, given sufficient demand.
To sign up for time-slot flying, please provide the following information when sigining in.
your name

CD: Jerry Holcomb

This is an AMA Sanctioned Event
Fee: $5.00 per pilot

We will be assigning flying sequence to minimize channel conflicts.

your AMA, MAAC number, etc.
preferred frequency(ies)
what aircraft will you fly?
wingspan/rotor diameter
battery type/cell count
www.wunderground.com search for: Washougal, WA