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leisure viking built 1989
  Wingspan/rotor diameter: 64 inches   Weight: 40 ounces
Motor/gearbox: Astro 035 brushed with 2.68:1 gearbox Battery type/cell count: 2S Lipo 3200mAh
Controller: Jeti 30Amp Propeller/rotor/fan: 14x7
Additional Notes: A classic free-flight model built around 1989.

mig 15 jet
  Wingspan/rotor diameter: 29.5 inches   Weight: 17 ounces
Motor/gearbox: ModelMotors AC25-25/26 direct drive Battery type/cell count: 3S Lipo
Controller: Berg Propeller/rotor/fan: Alfa electric ducted fan
Additional Notes: These Alfa Models foamie ARFs fly as good as they look and can take off sliding on the ground.

nimbus 4 scale 6.6. m
  Wingspan/rotor diameter: 21.6 feet (260 inches)   Weight: 21 lbs
Motor/gearbox: Hacker B-50 Battery type/cell count: 30 GP2200 or 10S Lipo 5300mAh
Controller: Hacker 77 Propeller/rotor/fan: 20x13
  Additional Notes: A beautiful all-molded glider modified for electric power. On-board variometer allows extended soaring.

thunderbolt p-47
  Wingspan/rotor diameter: 38 inches   Weight: 24 ounces
Motor/gearbox: home-built 160 Watts Battery type/cell count: 3S Lipo
Controller: Castle Creations Phoenix 25 Propeller/rotor/fan: 8x4
Additional Notes: Art custom-built the motor for this ARF, detailed it beautifully, and installed a retractable landing gear.

p47 thunderbolt p-47
  Wingspan/rotor diameter: 68 inches   Weight: 9.5 lbs
Motor/gearbox: Hyperion outrunner Battery type/cell count: 6S Lipo
Controller: Jeti 77 Propeller/rotor/fan: APC-E 15x8
Additional Notes: This model used to be powered by 90-sized glow engine. Flies excellently now.

p51 mustang p-51
  Wingspan/rotor diameter: 65 inches   Weight: 9 lbs
Motor/gearbox: Actro 40-5 outrunner Battery type/cell count: 9S Lipo 4000mAh
Controller: Actro Propeller/rotor/fan: 4-bladed15.5x12
  Additional Notes: Built from a Hangar 9 kit with outstanding performance.
shredair home event photo album
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