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pink 52 scale ballon
  Wingspan/rotor diameter: 18 inches diameter   Weight: about 16 ounces
Motor/gearbox: Lil Screamer Battery type/cell count: 2S Lipo 800mAh
Controller: GWS Propeller/rotor/fan: GWS 9x6
Additional Notes: Scratch-built 1/2-scale of RC balloon "Hoverdisk." Tricky to fly, but hovers real well.

rogozarski SM
  Wingspan/rotor diameter: 96 inches   Weight: 18 lbs
Motor/gearbox: Astro 60 with 2.68:1 gearbox Battery type/cell count: 40 sub-C cells
Controller: Astroflight Propeller/rotor/fan: 22x14
Additional Notes: One of Jerry's best flyers. He also flies it on floats.

sbxc electric cros country
  Wingspan/rotor diameter: 169 inches   Weight: 16 lbs
Motor/gearbox: Lehner 1940 with Reisenauer 6:1 gearbox Battery type/cell count: 24 sub-C
Controller: Lehner Propeller/rotor/fan: 23x12
  Additional Notes: A cross-country soaring competition glider converted to electric. Flies like a big trainer glider.

stabiloplan IV scale 1932
  Wingspan/rotor diameter: about 45 inches   Weight: about 16 ounces
Motor/gearbox: GWS outrunner Battery type/cell count: 2S Lipo 740 mAh
Controller: GWS Propeller/rotor/fan: APC-e 8x4
Additional Notes: This is a scratch-built semi-scale model of a 1932-vintage Romanian home-built airplane.

  Wingspan/rotor diameter: 78 inches   Weight: about 10 lbs
Motor/gearbox: MaxCim with custom gearbox Battery type/cell count: 16-24 sub-C
Controller: MaxCim Propeller/rotor/fan: Ramoser 3-blade variable pitch
Additional Notes: This SIG Kadet Senior is Jerry's test bed for counter-rotating gearboxes and variable-pitch propellers which eventually he wants to use in a Reno-style P-51 racer.

ultimate bipe biplane
  Wingspan/rotor diameter: 64 inches   Weight: 9.5 lbs
Motor/gearbox: Axi5320-34 outrunner Battery type/cell count: 10S Lipo 4000mAh
Controller: Jeti Propeller/rotor/fan: 18x12
  Additional Notes: Formerly glow-powered, Grant lightened the plane and installed more than ample electric power.
shredair home event photo album
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