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shredair home event photo album Organized by Portland Area Soaring Society (PASS)
and Salem Area Soaring Society (SASS)
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F5B northwest participants

Right: Lenny and Dieter show proper and safe handling of an electric-powered glider after landing: Even with the receiver switched off, grab the plane behind the wing and point the nose away from people. Do not consider the plane safe until the motor battery is disconnected.
launch safety
Above left and below: Proper communicaton between the pilot and launcher is essential to assure successful launches.
checking settings
Below left: Don Lawson is our MVH (most valuable helper), because he happily and tirelessly mans the lonely base B, which is 150 meters away from the action. Thank you Don!
contest officials
Above right: CD Don "Pesz" Pesznecker and chief scorer Amy Pool. Without Don's indomitable spirit and enthusiasm, this event would not be happening. And Amy, a high-school math teacher, brings just enough method to this madness to keep things going properly.
Dave Sieger from Arizona briefly visited donning a pristine T-shirt from the F5B world championships 6 years ago.
Lenny Keer from Colorado refuels after an successful flight. Lenny was on course for 44 legs when his controller quit. It would have been the fastest flight of the event, but alas: it was "the one that got away..."
eric next year

Left: Eric Swenson received the Aspirin and garbage bag price after losing his plane due to severe glitching: cause was a controller malfunction.
Right: Bob Sterett extends an invitation to y'all to come back now, y'hear?!

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