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ACME Flying Machines Mark Triebes is one of the few domestic manufactures of high-quality molded gliders and electric-powered pylon racers.
Baudismodel Jiri Baudis is internationally known for is competitive line of F3B and F3F models. His Ceres, Cyril, and Fosa line of gliders have consistently placed near the top in F3B competitions, and Jiri himself flies F3B very successfully. Also, his 6.66-meter Antares scale glider is a top choice among pilots competing in GPS triangle racing.
Carbon-Vetrieb Specializing in carbon parts for many applications, Carbon-Vertrieb's RC department has sole distribution rights for the ArianeV11 and P5.
CHK Modelle Hans Kraus in Regensburg, Germany, is the supplier for many of our products. Absolute premium quality. The site is in German only.
CNC Modellbautechnik Bayer These kits feature precision machined scale ribs and formers which snap together for an impeccable fit, easy construction, and full-scale appearance.
Diversity Model Aircraft Steve Belknap is our source for battery packs. We order from him drive packs for sport and competition and receiver and transmitter packs.
Lehner Motoren Technik Hans Lehner in southern Germany builds just about any brushless motor you want. He also has a line of sensorless controllers.
Peak Electronic George Joy offers the Sirius line of chargers, which combine ease of use with outstanding performance like no other.
Plettenberg Elektromotore High-quality motors -- Made in Germany -- for competition and sport flying.
Radio Carbon Art Paul Naton is the producer of the famous Endless Lift series of videos. Better'n watching football on a rainy day...
Reese Productions Dave Reese, expert BSer and DSer (ballistic sloper and dynamic soarer), has published his first video, Lift Ticket. Edge-of-the-seat entertainment for anyone interested in slope flying.
Reisenauer Präzisions-Antriebe Andreas Reisenauer offers a variety of high-quality planetary gear boxes, which, in combination with Lehner motors, offer efficient matches for almost any application.
RFM Modellbau Freudenthaler Rudi Freudenthaler has designed the famous Surprise F5B airplanes. He also supplies us with hand-laid carbon fiber propellers and spinners.
Schulze Elektronik GmbH Schulze is best known for their high-quality chargers and electronic speed controllers.
Schübeler Jet Modell Systeme Daniel Schübeler builds top-quality, 90-mm carbon fans ideally matched to high-end, brushless motors. He also manufactures the Vector EDF jet.
Volz Servos Michael Volz' blue, metal-geared, high-torque, high-quality servos have become famous world-wide. Site is in German and English.

Last Update:
March, 2013